Asteria Inn and Suites cares about accessibility

At Asteria Inn, we care for our customers, and that is why we have a goal of providing hospitality to all of our customers. We strive to ensure all are served well, and all that matter most to us is giving proper service to you as our customer. Whether you have vision, hearing and any other form of disability, you get the best experience. You will have the chance to learn about our property and do your booking.

For those who experience some difficulties as they do their bookings online, you can just contact us direct (651) 430-3990 and you can be sure to get any assistance you need from us..

We have ensured that our customers get the best and easy experience even if it is your first time to usethe online platform. We have dedicated ourselves to achieve what we believe in that our customers need the best experience when doing their research online. We know that you want to get the necessary information as quickly as possible since you may be committed at the same time. On our online platform, you will find it easy to use, and all the features ensure that you can use them easily regardless of any form of disability that you have.

As a visitor, you will easily search through the facilities that feature. With ease, you will get all the details you need so that they can help you to make your decision without facing any problems. The best part is that if you have any questions concerning accessibility you can consult us by calling us at our desk directly and you will be assisted.

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